What the Audience is Saying

My parents could not stop talking about this show, they want to come back and see it again!

L. McClaurin

"Godspell" - 2018

Last night I had the privilege of attending the opening performance of "New York, New York" - A Broadway Revue at Artist Community Theatre. Director Debbie Shannon has put together some incredible talent -- I was absolutely blown away.

Ximena L.

"New York, New York" - 2016

Every so often we stumble upon an amazing local production of a show and we just had to pass along the info about this performance we saw last night. The Artist Community Theater is putting on a production of Nunsense this weekend that is literally habit forming. Some of the best vocal work we've seen in a fast, funny and vibrant show. We saw it last night and had a blast.

Nashville Improv

"Nonsense" - 2017

Our Town was exceptional and intimate all at the same time, a great show which makes you question your past and life.

Teri B.

"Our Town" - 2017

You guys totally rocked it tonight!

Christy S.P.

"New York, New York" - 2016

Excellent productions! A great evening out and an amazing cast!

Lisa T.

"Nunsense" - 2017

This is a must see!
"The Crucible" - 2018


Attention everyone, you all MUST go see Nunsense. I went last night and it was so funny and so impressive! The comedy and acting was phenomenal, as well as the singing, and even THE BAND! I have nothing but great things to say about it. A must see! Unfortunately these are the last 2 shows, so go today! Don't miss it!

Omar L.

"Nunsense" - 2017

This was awesome!! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Very impressive! Amazing talent!

Monica Armstrong

"Steel Magnolias" - 2018

First visit tonight! We had so much fun. We had so much fun on girls night tonight! Everyone did a Great job. We will be back to see It's A Wonderful Life - I recommend Artist Community Theatre.

Allison Peach

"Steel Magnolias" - 2018

Fabulous cast and very well done show! I did the show, myself, years ago and forgot how many great lines there are. The show moves at a great pace and will make you laugh, cry and everything in between. You don’t want to miss these talented ladies.

Liz Sisler

"Steel Magnolias" - 2018

Great show. Well done with outstanding cast. Even guys will laugh (and maybe cry....not this guy) at the quick lines and awesome delivery. Take your gal on a date night and go see the show.

Michael Hendrickson

"Steel Magnolias" - 2018

Got to see my favorite nuns tonight!! Such a fantastic show! Outstanding job to everyone involved!!

Bri W.

"Nonsense" - 2017

Just saw a wonderful and hilarious show!!! That wall of voices and vocal harmony!!!

Kelly S.

"Nunsense" - 2017

I am so glad I drugged up on Benadryl and went to see Godspell at Artist Community Theatre despite my allergy attack!! It was wonderful!!! So much talent and energy!!! Go and see it!!! A spectacular show. I highly recommend. Exceptional cast and great message too.

R. Lindsay

"Godspell" - 2018

Lots of Great Scenes, Exciting.

Bill C.

"Safe at Home" - 2016

ACT casts their shows so precisely, every character is carefully selected and it shows in the final product.

                                          A. Gwinn, 2020