Artist Community Theatre Auditions


For the 2018/2019 Theatre Season, Artist Community Theatre will be using the following protocols and guidelines for those wishing to audition for any or all upcoming shows for the 2018/2019 season.Audition dates will be announced per the directors and board. 

1. Please download and print out the audition form designated "W" located in the top right corner of this page.

2. Fill out the information required on the form BEFORE YOU ARRIVE FOR YOUR  AUDITION.


3. Two monologues, one comedic and one dramatic in content, must be memorized and prepared for your         audition. Provided is one of many links that you can research for your two monologues to audition.                 ( Each monologue must be at least one minute in      length.

4. A vocal audition will be required for your audition. If you are not auditioning for a musical, please specify        that on your audition sheet at your audition. A capella auditions are not accepted for vocal/music                    auditions. Please provide your own pianist or accompaniment tracks, CD, cell phone with internet for your      vocal audition.


3. Bring the audition sheet with you at your designated time to audition. We do not accept audition sheets          emailed to us - you must bring the physical copy to your audition. 

4. Please bring your best head-shot with you to your audition. You may email your head-shot to our email          address before your audition. ALL HEAD-SHOTS must be in our hands by the time your audition time            arrives, no  exceptions.